Here at AUTO REPAIR & CARE, we treat your car like it’s our very own. Our team of professionals uses only the highest quality products to fix, paint, repair, adjust or realign. We only fix what needs to be fixed, and we guarantee each and every repair. When you come to our shop, we tell you how we’re going to treat your vehicle before we get started, so if you have any questions – go ahead and ask. We’re here to listen.


Wether it’s your daily or your pride and joy, if it needs some paintwork, we’re here to offer you highest quality repair at affordable price. We do bodywork on all types of vehicles, from standard car repair to classic car restorations.

Mechanical Repairs

Your car needs fixing? You are in the right place. Problem with brakes, clutches, suspension, exhaust, engine, gearbox or anything else? Why not give us a ring or even visit us and find out how we can help.

Car Wash


ECU Remapping

A truly bespoke tune, that takes into account specific driver requirements and driving styles and align’s these with the vehicle engine condition and potential capabilities. These are then applied to a strategic map tweaking process.


Servicing your car is vital to prolong it’s life and capabilities. Regular oil and filters change minimise risk of engine failure. Brake, tyre and suspension checks will give you a peace of mind on every journey. Book a service and maintenance check today to make sure your car is in a top shape.

Air Conditioning

When not cleaned and serviced regularly, air conditioning system will get filled with mold, bacteria and dirt which can cause health problems in the future. We recharge, service and clean air con systems – try us out today.  AVAILABLE SOON AT EVOLUTION AUTOCENTRE.

MOT Arranged

Worried if your car will pass it’s next MOT? Bring it to us – we will give it a pre-MOT check and arrange the test for you. In case of a MOT failure, all work will be done by us and we promise to talk you through every step we take and discuss all the cost involved prior to starting the work.